[Coco] CoCo video?

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Yes there was. MC6844. This chip better interfaces with the MC6809 and 
not the MC6809E. The MC6809 has an input labled DMABREQ. Asserting 
this pin low will suspend the MC6809 execution for 16 cycles. Then the 
MC6809 will execute one cycle. Thus there is an alternating of 16 to one 
cycle ratio for DMA access. 

With some external logic this can be done with the MC6809E. 


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> Wasn't there some sort of DMA chip for the 6800 series? 
> Neil
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> > The 6x09 doesn't, without extensive hardware help, support dma, so the 
> > max transfer is going to be someplace in the 12 seconds per megabyte 
> > moved area...
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