[Coco] MESS Emulator

Brian bpa65117 at bigpond.net.au
Tue Feb 28 01:55:46 EST 2006

Hi John,

How about trying to use David Keil's V2.10 emulator for the Coco 3.
This is what i used to make dsk images of my os9 40Track double sided disks.
90% of my software I used this to make disk images, Since I've noticed, That
Retrieve won't copy some disks, I use Dk's to copy these hard ones over.

And the Real  Access Floppy drivers to use are, Fdd0_360k, and Fdd1_360k,
using this emulator, Is like using a real Coco 3, you can format coco disks,
load from coco disks, read coco disks, And these disks will run on a real
coco 3.

Even running Os-9 level 2, works fine in the emulator.



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