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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue Feb 28 00:27:13 EST 2006

On Monday 27 February 2006 23:46, KnudsenMJ at aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 2/27/06 12:39:28 AM Eastern Standard Time,
>gene.heskett at verizon.net writes:
>BTW, AOL  is discussing this brilliant idea of charging everyone a
> small fee, less  than a cent, per email message they allow thru to
> their subscribers,  supposedly in an attempt to control spam.  Since
> the majority of the  rest of the ISP's won't even consider paying
> that, AOL will be effectively  disconnected from the internet, so you
> might want to look around for  another ISP.
>AOL is really great at "getting ideas", as in "taking a notion".
>I'm still ticked at them for dropping Usenet access, when I still have
> tons of boat-anchor ham gear to sell (now I'll have to put up with
> Flea Pay).   But their spam handling is pretty good.
>Now, if EVERY ISP would charge .01 cent for every email sent, that
> would scarcely bother anyone except spammers.  But everyone has to do
> it, so no  one ISP gets cut off.
>--Mike K.

Yeah, but I have a sneaking suspicion that there is no way in hell 
verizon will ever agree to that, nor will any of the other ISP folks 
I've talked to.  It just simply isn't done.  In any event, with my 
level of traffic at maybe 200 msgs sent in a busy month, at .01 cents 
per, thats $2.00 and AFAIK verizon can well absorb it, and I'll expect 
them to.  I don't think I even come close to getting my $30 a month out 
of it.  A mail server, and a dns & the bandwidth, which might in a busy 
month, be 4.5 GB moved counting all the browsing etc.  Verizon isn't 
out a cent for any of the other services they'd like to sell me IF I 
was running winderz.  And you KNOW how much of a chance of that there 
is.  Hell will freeze over and pigs can use it for a takeoff/landing 
area at that time.

We'll probably see in due time, but I suspect that rumor was to 'test 
the waters' & the uproar so far on the net away from AOL, has been 
vociferous and downright insulting to AOL.  The rest of the world is 
hoping they do have an ear to the ground.

Cheers, Gene
People having trouble with vz bouncing email to me should add the word
'online' between the 'verizon', and the dot which bypasses vz's
stupid bounce rules.  I do use spamassassin too. :-)
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