[Coco] MESS Emulator

John Donaldson johnadonaldson at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 27 20:17:59 EST 2006

  Looking at the system settings. Drive B is set for a 360K 5.25 drive.

John Donaldson

Robert Gault wrote:

> Before you try anything else, place a fresh disk (or one with no 
> important data) in drive B: and use the PC utility DSKINI.EXE to 
> format it
> DSKINI B: /T35
> Then start the JV/JC emulator and see if the disk in drive B: can be 
> read with a DIR3. If you still can't read the disk, then there is some 
> BIOS or hardware issue on the PC. Post the results of this test.
> If the disk could be read on the emulator, place the disk in a Coco 
> drive and copy some files to it. Take it back to the PC and try to 
> read it with the emulator.
> John Donaldson wrote:
>> Robert,
>>   I wish you would tell me how to make it work. I am using a 486 DX 
>> running MSDOS
>> 6.2. I have a 3" drive on A: and a real 360K drive on B: I bought a 
>> real copy of TSWORD
>> for both RDOS and OS9. On the emulator I have 4 discrptors setup the 
>> 4th is setup for
>> 35TSSSD which is what the COCO OS9 disk is formated in. I set the 
>> emulator to have
>> drive B: as /D3. When I put the diskette in and do a DIR /D3, the 
>> drive spins but returns
>> an error. I also put a fresh diskette in and tryed to format it and 
>> again it failed. It is the
>> same for both the JV and JC emulators. I know the drive is good 
>> because I can format
>> read/write under MSDOS.
>> John Donaldson
>> Robert Gault wrote:
>>> You probably are running into the problem that was just discussed 
>>> here in length. Before you use the floppy on the Coco, run 
>>> DSKINI.EXE on it from the PC. Then you can write to it on the Coco 
>>> and read it on the PC from an emulator.
>>> When I say that the JV emulator works with real floppies, I'm not 
>>> just repeating the docs that come with the emulator. I'm reporting 
>>> actual results on my WIN98SE system.
>>> John Donaldson wrote:
>>>> Robert,
>>>>   That is true, but if you set /d0 to say b: and then try and do 
>>>> even a DIR /D0, it does not
>>>> work. The drive spins but returns either a seek or rad error.  I 
>>>> have a old 486 DX with
>>>> a real 360K coco drive as the B drive.
>>>>   You should be able to put a OS9 boot disk in it and it should 
>>>> boot OS9. It does not.
>>>> I know the drive works with a COCO, since I bought at one of the 
>>>> last fests I attended.
>>>> John donaldson
>>>> Robert Gault wrote:
>>>>> The JV emulator will access real floppies from within the 
>>>>> emulator. You just need to tell the emulator that a drive# goes to 
>>>>> a:, b:, or whatever your drive number is.

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