[Coco] MESS Emulator

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Mon Feb 27 20:04:05 EST 2006

Before you try anything else, place a fresh disk (or one with no important 
data) in drive B: and use the PC utility DSKINI.EXE to format it

Then start the JV/JC emulator and see if the disk in drive B: can be read 
with a DIR3. If you still can't read the disk, then there is some BIOS or 
hardware issue on the PC. Post the results of this test.

If the disk could be read on the emulator, place the disk in a Coco drive 
and copy some files to it. Take it back to the PC and try to read it with 
the emulator.

John Donaldson wrote:
> Robert,
>   I wish you would tell me how to make it work. I am using a 486 DX 
> running MSDOS
> 6.2. I have a 3" drive on A: and a real 360K drive on B: I bought a real 
> copy of TSWORD
> for both RDOS and OS9. On the emulator I have 4 discrptors setup the 4th 
> is setup for
> 35TSSSD which is what the COCO OS9 disk is formated in. I set the 
> emulator to have
> drive B: as /D3. When I put the diskette in and do a DIR /D3, the drive 
> spins but returns
> an error. I also put a fresh diskette in and tryed to format it and 
> again it failed. It is the
> same for both the JV and JC emulators. I know the drive is good because 
> I can format
> read/write under MSDOS.
> John Donaldson
> Robert Gault wrote:
>> You probably are running into the problem that was just discussed here 
>> in length. Before you use the floppy on the Coco, run DSKINI.EXE on it 
>> from the PC. Then you can write to it on the Coco and read it on the 
>> PC from an emulator.
>> When I say that the JV emulator works with real floppies, I'm not just 
>> repeating the docs that come with the emulator. I'm reporting actual 
>> results on my WIN98SE system.
>> John Donaldson wrote:
>>> Robert,
>>>   That is true, but if you set /d0 to say b: and then try and do even 
>>> a DIR /D0, it does not
>>> work. The drive spins but returns either a seek or rad error.  I have 
>>> a old 486 DX with
>>> a real 360K coco drive as the B drive.
>>>   You should be able to put a OS9 boot disk in it and it should boot 
>>> OS9. It does not.
>>> I know the drive works with a COCO, since I bought at one of the last 
>>> fests I attended.
>>> John donaldson
>>> Robert Gault wrote:
>>>> The JV emulator will access real floppies from within the emulator. 
>>>> You just need to tell the emulator that a drive# goes to a:, b:, or 
>>>> whatever your drive number is.

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