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Ben Willis benwillis at verizon.net
Sat Feb 25 23:58:26 EST 2006


This simply sounds like a bug in the eBay system. Your statement that 

"I am suspended yet I am buying and selling, WHAT!!! "

indicates such.  I'm sure if you echoed the entire email verbatim, and explained to them nicely (you get more
flies with honey than you do with vinegar, sorry for the cliche) I'm sure it will be fine.

Remember, more likely than not, it is the eBay system (i.e. a computer) that is sending you nagging emails,
therefore it is pointless to let it get to you.  Think of it like an automated telemarketing call - all you have to
do is hang up (or delete the nagging email).

As for unpaid item strikes, I make it a habit to always go through Paypal. That way, there is always a verifiable
record of the purchase, which protects both buyer and seller.  Maybe I'm just lucky, but I've had good luck
much more often than bad luck on eBay.  The worst part is the fees are getting overly burdensome - eBay
really has a monopoly in the online auction business and is so far ahead of the competition they can charge
whatever they want.

Still, they didn't get there by harassing their members.  I really think if you're patient, perseverant, and don't let
the emails bug you, then you will eventually get it fixed.

Good Luck,

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  Neil Morrison wrote: 
I cleared all the actual strikes but now I am getting vaper or blank that still hold up my Ebay access  
  You were the winning buyer on eBay item (No number . The seller, No seller, has told us that they have not received payment, or that you were unable to resolve this issue. As a result, you have received an Unpaid Item strike. 

    Because of the repeated Unpaid Item strikes against your account, you have been automatically suspended from eBay.

    You can appeal this strike if you believe it is not deserved. First, read the requirements for appealing the strike. If you meet them, you can submit your appeal on that page. If your appeal is successful the strike will be removed. There is no strike thisi s a phantom.

    If you have recently paid for the item or have otherwise resolved this dispute, you can ask the seller to remove the Unpaid Item strike themselves. What seller there is no seller. 

    Please note:
    This suspension does not relieve you of your obligation to pay any balance on your eBay account. Please check you balance and make an immediate payment.

  I feel Ebay should compensate me for this harassment. 

    Continue >

  This total BS and I can't do anything because there is no number or seller to list in my strike removal process.  This is a case of mental cruelty  maybe if there is a lawyer out there willing to take on this case we can sue Ebay for harassment  and cruelty.  Dealing with Ebay is like dealing with robots, useless.    How many more e-mail scams is there out there.  I am suspended yet I am buying and selling, WHAT!!! If anyone can help I would appreciate it  I am serious about the law suite.  



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