[Coco] [Color Computer] Ebay bad sellers and fake and constant BS all Coconuts beware!!!

Neil Morrison neilsmorr at hotpop.com
Sat Feb 25 11:33:09 EST 2006

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From: "Kevin Diggs" <kevdig at hypersurf.com>

> I never leave bad feedback for slow shipping. I do add a pay to delivery 
> notice in the feedback though.

I post the base cost and the fee charged in the feedback like "1.76/3.00" 
meaning postage was $1.76 and he charged $3.00. I leave it to readers to 
figure out if that's fair or not. Clearly "0.74/9.99" isn't, but sometimes I 
post "11.37/10.00" which meant he ate some of it.


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