[Coco] Re: Radio Shack CEO Resigns

Ward Griffiths wdg3rd at comcast.net
Fri Feb 24 18:05:28 EST 2006

On 02/23/2006 09:51 pm, farna at att.net wrote:
> UGH! I used a Scripsit catridge and tape as my first word processor. Had to
> make at least three copies every time you saved something (save three
> times) just to make sure one of the saves would work when you loaded next!
> The third time I lost some work was when I decided I just HAD to have a
> disk drive, no matter what the cost! I was in Okinawa at the time. Found a
> CoCoist who had a spare drive on the AF base, and was willing to sell! I
> had to mail order a controller, but I had that old Model 1 full height
> single sided floppy and was happy to have it! ;>

I generally found cassette operations on the Color Computer to be quite 
reliable, especially in comparison to the Model One I started with.  And 
that's using the same CTR-41 included with the Mod One.  Which I didn't get 
involved with until my USAF days were done in 1978.  Did spend a month at 
Kadena in Mar/Apr 1977, came back with a hundred pounds or so of manga.
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