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> With all kidding aside, there is a very lucky CoCoNut among us today...
> This morning, I was on my way to work on Interstate 20 and I had a bad 
> accident.  It was raining so I was doing 60-65 instead of the usual 70 
> through this area and also watching the bridges for ice.  I later learned 
> it was not cold enough for ice, but the slick roads were just as dangerous 
> for vehicles with balding tires.  My back tires have been overinflated so 
> the center surface was pretty slick.
> When I came off of one of the bridges I noticed my truck fishtailing to 
> the left just maybe a few inches.  It was small but noticeable.  I let off 
> of the gas and kept the wheel straight to see if I was ok, but the truck

Been there, done that.

 Neutral or push the clutch in would most likely help (no guarantee on that)

 Backing off on the throttle causes the exact opposite of applying power. 
The engine will cause drag on the driveline and now the back tires can slide 
the opposite direction.
 It's a bummer.
 I had an Isuzu that was HORRIBLE at this problem. Sometimes, it would lose 
traction on wet roads just traveling down the highway at 65mph.
 The engine would speed up and the rear end would just start to drift.
 I HATE when that happens!
 I learned to just push in the clutch and get the torque off the back tires. 
NEVER apply the brakes.
 The next step is to scream as loud as you can, fear death and pray that 
your soul is in good enough shape to make the trip to the "next life".

>snippers > People, drive safe, wear your seat belts, and keep good tires on 
>your vehicle.
> Roger Taylor



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