[Coco] Radio Shack CEO Resigns

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Tue Feb 21 21:51:28 EST 2006

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> On Tuesday 21 February 2006 15:28, James Hrubik wrote:
>>It wasn't the Color Scripsit!  He let it sit in the Texas sunshine,
>>and the thermal printer paper did him in.
> Good point James.

Now, the way I heard it from my neighbor across the street...

 His brother-in-law told him that he has a friend who works with a guy that 
said his sister told him that she knows this dude she sees at the McDonalds 
from time to time.
 That guy told her that the reason they are making these changes(from what 
HE heard from the bartender at Hooters, in his area) is that the re-design 
of the honing pattern on cylinders makes a HUGE difference in the life of 
the piston rings, pistons and cylinders.

...... I think something got lost in this


 Oh yeah!.

 Rat Shack!!

 Darn!! I remember that place! I used to find ELECTRONIC PARTS there!

 Do they still carry batteries and flashlight lamps?


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