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But it's not just the fear of the language, David, it's what the  
language represents.  Language is the expression of culture; it is  
also the unifier of national spirit ( patriotism -- that dreaded  
disease of people proud of their heritage ).  There were good and bad  
things that were attached to both Spanish and English as the two  
cultures arrived on the continent.  There were hundreds of native  
languages that were replaced, with their attending cultures.  Our  
legal system, which underpins our freedoms, essentially followed the  
development of the English language; if you look closely, you see the  
parallels.  The breakdown of our legal system accelerated with the  
advent of the cultural breakdown of the late 60's and early 70's,  
when it became more important to blame everyone else for a person's  
problems than to look at the person himself as a possible  
contributor.  A whole new language was evolving -- many Amerenglish  
words do not mean the same thing today that they did 50 years ago.   
It's a fascinating study, and as we become more "multi-cultural", we  
can expect to lose more of our freedoms.  The saddest part is, the  
current generation has no reference point to look back and see what  
was lost.  I fully empathize with Sitting Bull.

Maybe we should all speak C.  It might cause us to be more logical in  
our approach to problems.

On Feb 21, 2006, at 12:29 AM, David Macias wrote:

> All this fear of assimilating another language and culture makes me
> laugh. I look in the mirror and see the descendent of Native  
> Americans,
> yet I do not speak any native language.  I speak the languages of my
> first conquer (Spanish) and that of my second conqueror (English).  It
> does not hurt to speak either language.  Your grandchildren will  
> get use
> to it.

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