[Coco] I said *word* *processors*!!!

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue Feb 14 21:45:52 EST 2006

On Tuesday 14 February 2006 16:14, Leon Howell wrote:
>  I don't get it. The CoCo 3 is better than Atari or Commodore. OS-9
> Level II is better than CP/M, Geos, or SPDX. So why do they all have
> such great word processors, and all we get are lousy text editors???
>  Maybe I misunderstand just what T/S-Word or Dynastar can do. The ads
> for FHL in Rainbow 1988 said Dynastar had centering, align
> left/right, page numbering, auto page breaks, auto indent, word wrap,
> etc., all with the Wordstar commands I'm already familliar with. But
> did it really?

Yes it really did have all that.

> Or was all that done by a seperate program called 
> DynaForm? And would it be shown on screen, or would I have to wait
> and print it to see what I get?

Dynaform was, I never saw it run though, a print formatter.  As to 
whether it was better than pf, I don't know, and as the author of about 
half of pf, I'm obviously a bit pro pf.

>What about T/S-Word? I understand it acts as a graphical main menu for
> the editor, T/S-Spell, and formatting. At least that brings
> everything into one environment, even if it's all done at seperate
> times. But do I get to see it all on screen, or do I have to print it
> to see anything?

They were AFAIK, seperate programs designed to be used one after the 
other.  But the only one I'm familiar with would be T/S-Edit after 
Eddie K's patch was applied, which made it very close to a bare bones 
vi, and thats what the patched version was called, and it was 
sufficiently compact that you could call it with a #56K argument to 
hold the largest amount in memory of any editor we have.  DynaStar was 
limited to 16k buffer, but the filesize limit was many times that since 
you could write that buffer and fetch the next piece until you had been 
thru the whole document, but you couldn't back up except by saving the 
last piece, closing it, and re-opening it.  I used it rather 
extensively on a friends machine, but much prefer the vi patch to any 
of the rest of them I tried.

>I once heard that Color Scripsit II was pretty much T/S-Word on a
> cartridge. Is T/S-Word really *that* bad?
>What does the T/S mean?

I never researched it.

Cheers, Gene
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