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>Good evening everybody. In one of the eBay
> auctions I've one, I picked up a R/S 
>DMP-110 printer. Seems to work fine, 
>but the big issue I am having, not surprisingly,
 >is where can I get ribbons for this  dinosaur?

goto _www.korectype.com_ (http://www.korectype.com) 
They have every printer ribbon ever made.
>My 14 year old is itching to do her semester 
>report in science on a Coco (why I have no idea,
> guess it's the novelty) and I'd hate to let her down.

The DMP110 is a poor choice for a paper printed
at letter quality.  It tends to smear the letters slightly
making it seem like your eyes are out of focus.
A better choice is the DMP-130.
It is also compatible with the coco.

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