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>> Coco-related:
>>   Many years ago, there was an article in "Electronics Now" that
>> showed the format for (telephone) caller ID.  It was a series of
>> signals sent between rings that happened to use 1 cycle at 2400hz to
>> be "1" and one cycle 1200hz to be "0".  The format only accomodated
>> for a number.  Does anyone happen to know the current format for
>> caller ID?  I had thought at one time to use the coco cassette to
>> build a soft caller-id box (you could have fun with that one -- IF
>> NUMBER="telemarketer" then HANGUP).  I was thinking of using the
>> ring signal (of course adequately protecting the coco against it) as
>> some sort of trigger.
>>   I was hoping someone on the list had a more modern knowledge of
>> this type of thing than me.  Any insight would be appreciated. 
>> Thanks. - Aaron
> I too, had thought of doing something like this.
> When I read this, a bell rang and I decided to do a search for info
> on the caller ID (CID) thng.
> This link does not reveal the baud rate. It does show the format.
Its whatever the interface is set for.  NOT the telco line speed, but 
the speed the serial port is currently using.  On some modern modems, 
that could well be 115kbaud.

Cheers, Gene
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