[Coco] Tower of Babble, CoCo Community style.

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at MindSpring.com
Thu Feb 9 11:42:31 EST 2006


I am targeting ALL CoCo platforms and emulators.

I am hoping to find one or a small number of types of archives. That may not
be possible.

Willard Goosey wrote:
> For RS-DOS, probably the best choice is TC (The Compressor).  It's not
> really that great, but it is one of the few CoCo2 archivers.

Trying to use a real CoCo for development brings up the problem that AFAIK
we do not have a full screen editor for RS-DOS.

The closest that I am aware of is the TW series but I remember problems in
the past trying to use one version for DECB programs. I think that lines
were being folded as word processing was the TW(s) intended use. Are any
versions of TW available on the Internet?

I could add the line continuation feature of FLEX's XPC which could reduce
the problem.

I have not yet checked the speed on a real CoCo so that may be a problem.

> If you're targetting OS-9 Level One, probably the best choice is AR.
> Again, it's small enough to run in 64K.

OS-9 Level one again does not have a full screen editor AFAIK. I only have
knowledge of Frank Hogg's additions.

> For LII, LHA is the normal choice, but ZIP files up to version 2.04
> are probably OK.  (I don't think our unZIP program knows about long
> file names.)

OS-9 Level II would be a useful development platform as there are several
full screen editors and the possibility of using the DECB adapters. If OS-9
were the only targeted platform, LHA (The one without problems) would be the

> Willard

So, pending the identification of full screen editors for the CoCo 2 and 3
in DECB mode, I do not consider them to be valid candidates for Urbane Basic

As I do not have knowledge of all the platforms and emulators I am lacking
about which ones would possibly be good candidates for Urbane Basic

                 Full Screen   Archiver   HTML     Speed
                 Editor                   Viewing

OS-9 Level II    Yes           LHA        NO       OK
Windows          Yes           various    YES      fast
MSDOS            Yes           various    NO       fast
Linux            ???           ???        ???      ???
Apple            ???           ???        ???      ???

MESS             ???           ???        ???      ???
Emulator Doe1    ???           ???        ???      ???
Emulator Doe2    ???           ???        ???      ???
Emulator Doe3    ???           ???        ???      ???
Emulator Doe4    ???           ???        ???      ???
Emulator Doe5    ???           ???        ???      ???

Stephen H. Fischer

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