[Coco] collecting info for converter

Sylvain Rousseau srousseau at comlab.com
Thu Feb 9 09:05:33 EST 2006

Thank you very much Alex,

I will try to get one.


At 17:28 2006-02-08, you wrote:

>On Feb 8, 2006, at 9:44 AM, Sylvain Rousseau wrote:
>>Hello Roy,
>>This is the pinout for the video connector of an Amiga
>>500/600/1000/1200/2000/3000 and 4000.  I got it at http:// 
>>and the connector is a ?/%$?# DB23, yes a DB23 male and I don't
>>know where I can find one.  I can hack my A2000 to add it an other
>>connector to test the RGB to VGA
>>adapter and I'm willing to do it but I prefer to use a DB23 if I
>>can find one.
>I finally found a source for them!!!!  I have been looking for a
>source for years.  It seems that connect world (www.connectworld.com)
>has them.  The video connector should be a DB23F, the floppy drives
>use the DB23M.
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