[Coco] collecting info for converter

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Wed Feb 8 17:32:29 EST 2006

On Wednesday 08 February 2006 17:15, Alex Evans wrote:
>On Feb 8, 2006, at 9:25 AM, RJRTTY at aol.com wrote:
>> Thanks for the  offer.    You are on the
>> list at about 3 weeks down.
>> I  would need to know the type of connector
>> and pinout configuration the Amiga  uses.
>You don't happen to know where to get DB23F connectors?

I had to pester one of the major suppliers, Allied or Newark, don't 
recall which, all those years ago when I needed one.  One they weren't 
interested in so I finally called Amphenol and talked them out of a 
sample which was free.  Good deal compared to placing an order for 10k 
of them...  NDI if they'll be so nice in the samples dept now but its 
worth a try I'd think.

Cheers, Gene
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