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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Wed Feb 8 17:27:33 EST 2006

On Wednesday 08 February 2006 14:44, Sylvain Rousseau wrote:
>Hello Roy,
>This is the pinout for the video connector of an Amiga
>500/600/1000/1200/2000/3000 and 4000.  I got it at
>and the connector is a ?/%$?# DB23, yes a DB23 male and I don't know
> where I can find one.  I can hack my A2000 to add it an other
> connector to test the RGB to VGA
>adapter and I'm willing to do it but I prefer to use a DB23 if I can
> find one.
>Pin     Name            Description
>1       /XCLK           Extern Clock
>2       /XCLKEN         Extern Clock Enable (47 Ohm)
>3       RED             Analog Red (75 Ohm)
>4       GREEN   Analog Green (75 Ohm)
>5       BLUE            Analog Blue (75 Ohm)
>6       DI              Digital Intensity (47 Ohm)
>7       DR              Digital Red (47 Ohm)
>8       DG              Digital Green (47 Ohm)
>9       DB              Digital Blue (47 Ohm)
>10      /CSYNC  Composite Sync (47 Ohm)
>11      /HSYNC  Horizontal Sync (47 Ohm)
>12      /VSYNC  Vertical Sync (47 Ohm)
>13      GNDRTN  Digital Ground (for /XCLKEN) Don"t connect with pin
> 16-20. 14      /PIXELSW        Genlock overlay (47 Ohm)
>15      /C1             Clock out (47 Ohm)
>16      GND             Video Ground for RED Analog (useful to know
> because some TVs need specific grounds for specific colors when using
> SCART/PERITEL SECAM video signal)
>17      GND             Video Ground for GREEN Analog
>18      GND             Video Ground for BLUE Analog
>19      GND             Video Ground for CHV SYNC
>20      GND             Video Ground
>21*     -12V            -12 Volts DC (10 mA max) (A500/A600/A1200)
>21*     -5V             -5 Volts DC (10 mA max)
> (A1000/A2000/A3000/A4000) 22      +12V            +12 Volts DC (100
> mA max)
>23      +5V             +5 Volts DC (100 mA max)

Let me jump in here and add that the h&V sync signals on this port, will 
if terminated, cause the agnus to shut down to protect its output 
drivers.  Thats why nearly every cable ever made had a chip, sometimes 
even a cmos chip, buried in the hood of that db25 connector, whose job 
it was to buffer those 2 or 3 signals.

I was amazed to find this when I bought my first 2000 used off an amiga 
mailing list and found that it came with a commie genlock board in it 
because it could drive a monitor.  An email to Dave Haney confirmed my 
agnus shutdown deduction FWIW.  I assume the seller had put it in when 
he found he couldn't drive a normal monitor (some non commie model I 
suppose) with the regular db25 cable attached.  So I made one up using 
a TTL chip buffer/invertor and put it into mine, and ran w/o the 
genlock card until I finally bought a picasso-II, which is still in it, 
set to run at 1600x1200 24 bit color IIRC.  The chip runs from power 
available on pin 23.

>At 14:25 2006-02-08, RJRTTY at aol.com wrote:
>>In a message dated 2/8/06 1:11:02 P.M. Eastern  Standard Time,
>>srousseau at comlab.com writes:
>> >Hello Roy,
>> >
>> >I  should be on the list to buy you a
>> > RGB to VGA adapter for my  Coco.
>> >
>> >Also, I have an Amiga 2000.  When I
>> > got the  adapter I am willing to try it
>> >with the Amiga and give you some
>> >feedback on the mailing list.
>> >
>> >Sylvain
>>Thanks for the  offer.    You are on the
>>list at about 3 weeks down.
>>I  would need to know the type of connector
>>and pinout configuration the Amiga  uses.
>>Coco mailing list
>>Coco at maltedmedia.com

Cheers, Gene
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