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Bob Devries bdevries at gil.com.au
Wed Feb 8 05:43:58 EST 2006

on further investigation, it appears that the BBC Micro has TTL (digital) 
RGB output, which probably go 0-5V. I don't believe they use the RGBI, but 
just RGB and V & H Sync.
Will this present a problem? Will a resistor voltage divider be sufficiant 
to make this into the 0 - 0.7V required for Analog RGB?
Regards, Bob Devries, Dalby, Queensland, Australia

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> In a message dated 2/8/06 12:23:43 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
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>>Do you think your SVGA converter would
>> be usable on the BBC series of
>>computers (which also  use RGB output)?
>>I was just asked about this sort of thing  on
>> the BBC mailing list, so I
>>thought I'd ask  you.
>>Regards, Bob Devries, Dalby, Queensland,  Australia
> Bob
>      I THINK it will.   The only test  on a PAL machine
> was done by Torsten Dittel and he said it worked.   I have
> added a jumper to allow selection of operation with NTSC
> or PAL frequencies.    The RGB on the coco3 is
> nearly the same for the two versions with only a slight
> difference in main oscilator frequences. So it might  not
> be representative of another machines output.
>      IF pressed to say I think it will work on  any machine
> with RGB output if the right connector was made for it.
> This includes the Amiga and Atari ST.   The only way to
> know for sure is to try it.    I would be willing to loan  one
> to someone who wanted to try it first and see.   Then they
> could decide to buy it IF it worked or send it back if it
> didn't.
> Roy
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