[Coco] Minesweeper

Mike Moore mikmoore at math.carleton.ca
Tue Feb 7 10:04:55 EST 2006

Yes, but in that case you select 7 of the 52 by the "dart" process and then
use the remaining 45. For less than half you keep the selected ones, for
more than half you throw them away and use the remainder. For exactly 1/2,
use either!

Mike Moore
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> Neil Morrison wrote:
> > This is MUCH quicker than shifting. In effect, you have 52 flags.
> No, this is exactly the problem as described by the OP.
> If you need 45 random values from 52, this method quickly becomes slower
> and slower as you approach the 45th random value, as it's more and more
> likely that you keep hitting a value already taken.
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> Mark
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