[Coco] Re: Ben (Benoit Bleau) still here? Questionsconcerning OmniDisk/OmniFlop

Benoit Bleau benbleau at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 19:50:45 EST 2006

Torsten Dittel wrote:
>> Still here.
>> Anything I can do for you, Torsten?
> Yeah, thanks!
>> Last I used Omnidisk, I was able to read a 5 1/4 floppy from my Windows
>> XP in a 1.2mb drive. However I still couldn't write a functioning one. I
>> guess it's better than rebooting the PC with a MSDos floppy...
> Have you been able to make a JV .DSK image from one of the OmniFLop
> images?
> Regards, Torsten
Actually, it was OmniFlop, not Omnidisk. Sorry for the confusion. If I 
recall correctly, the format of the output file from OmniFlop is 
basically all the sectors put end to end.  I'm not sure which, but there 
is a format supported by Mess that is the same.

I had to re-install my PC due to a bad hard disk, so I have to 
re-install OmniFlop as well. I should be able to test this some time 
later this week.
I will let the list know how it goes.


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