[Coco] Help needed: problems with RETRIEV(E)ing DSK images

Neil Morrison neilsmorr at hotpop.com
Mon Feb 6 12:59:23 EST 2006

OK. Here is the reason: The Coco system creates a track which has too short 
of a 'lead-in' to the first sector on each track. Often the MSDOS system 
cannot read these.

Here is the solution: Format a blank disk on a PC. Copy or backup the disk 
on a real Coco system. Now you can read this disk on the PC.

I have done this several times and it has always worked.



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From: "Torsten Dittel" <Torsten at Dittel.info>
> I'm trying to save my collection of CoCo Disks into images and there are
> about 10% of the disks so far which fail only on the first sector of
> each track. I guess this is a timing problem. I'm using a 5.25" HD drive
> (set to 1.2MB in the BIOS) and the DOS of W98SE.

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