[Coco] The art of programming?

Roger Taylor webmaster at coco3.com
Wed Feb 1 15:22:32 EST 2006

At 02:03 PM 2/1/2006, you wrote:
>As I dive into C programming, one of the major issues I have to overcome 
>is learning create a program in the most direct and simplest way 
>possible.  I shouldn't say it's an issue as it is more of a skill I need 
>to develop.
>I understand this takes time and practice, but I'd like to know if anyone 
>out there has any recommendation for a good book on just software design?
>I'm starting to read Code Complete, but if possible I'd like to get more 
>than one point of view.  Thanks.

Ah!  You had to ask.  'the art of programming', coming up...

Randall Hyde, the author of HLA (the language that Portal-9 and CCASM is 
written in) documents all areas of programming, code structure, code 
optimization, and hundreds of topics you absolutely need to know in order 
to accel.

Google up "webster randall hyde hla" and I'm sure his site will come up #1 
in the list.  I can't recall the URL right now.  Look for the "AoA" 
documents, or better yet... it's called "The Art of Assembly Language 
Programming" which is in print in some bookstores (or was) and you can 
always get the latest PDF version from his site.  He works on that and HLA 
daily.  This guy is a champ.

What's the catch with all his free offerings?  He won't do your homework 
for you (he's an ex professor) which makes you dig more into his books for 
the answers, but he will give you tips by e-mail if you are an HLA 
user.  Also... you need to have lots of black ink and several reams of 
paper ready for printing his AoA book(s).  In fact, if you get real serious 
with this, he's got lots more PDF docs that go along with his overall 
bundle of writings.

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