[Coco] NEW "stuff"

Glen VanDenBiggelaar glenvdb at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 19 05:23:22 EST 2006

I just wanted to let everybody know to keep an Eye on the CoCo lounge in the 
next couple of weeks. On friday, I got a VAN full of CoCo stuff, from a 
gentleman who has been collecting it for years, and soon, I will get another 
load once he gets his acreage cleaned out. It will take awhile to inventory 
and catalog everything and the stuff I don't want will be going up on the 
online store. I will be lowering prices on the online store to blow out 
stuff I have a lot of, and what doesn't sell well on the store will be blown 
away on E-bay.
So far, I have come across a lot of books, manuals and Carts, At least 10 
CoCo 1's and 2's. A few of the CoCo 1's have "After-Market" keyboards, I 
have not had a chance to inspect them further for any other Mods.
I have "Rainbow on Disk", over 500 cassettes, and at least 300 plus floppy 
programs, at least 3 "New" Printers (2 -105's and 106, in boxes) and at 
least 1 MPI in box, and a mint "in box X-Pad". I have lowered some prices on 
the online store this afternoon, and will get stuff up soon.
Its like Christmas all over again.

Be sure to stop by
Proud Microsoft Supporter, User and Tech since 1982

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