[Coco] I said *word* *processors*!!!

Leon Howell puritan_2076 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 14 16:14:31 EST 2006

  I don't get it. The CoCo 3 is better than Atari or Commodore. OS-9 Level II 
is better than CP/M, Geos, or SPDX. So why do they all have such great word 
processors, and all we get are lousy text editors???

  Maybe I misunderstand just what T/S-Word or Dynastar can do. The ads for FHL 
in Rainbow 1988 said Dynastar had centering, align left/right, page numbering, 
auto page breaks, auto indent, word wrap, etc., all with the Wordstar commands 
I'm already familliar with. But did it really? Or was all that done by a 
seperate program called DynaForm? And would it be shown on screen, or would I 
have to wait and print it to see what I get?

What about T/S-Word? I understand it acts as a graphical main menu for the 
editor, T/S-Spell, and formatting. At least that brings everything into one 
environment, even if it's all done at seperate times. But do I get to see it 
all on screen, or do I have to print it to see anything?

I once heard that Color Scripsit II was pretty much T/S-Word on a cartridge. 
Is T/S-Word really *that* bad?

What does the T/S mean?

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