[Coco] collecting info for converter

Bob Devries bdevries at gil.com.au
Wed Feb 8 00:23:14 EST 2006

Do you think your SVGA converter would be usable on the BBC series of 
computers (which also use RGB output)?
I was just asked about this sort of thing on the BBC mailing list, so I 
thought I'd ask you.
Regards, Bob Devries, Dalby, Queensland, Australia

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> Hello,
> I am now  ready take orders for the coco3 SVGA converter.
> I am only collecting contact information (email  addresses).
> I will get in touch
> with the people who leave this information when I have a unit
> to ship to them.  Also please make the response off-list.
>      The price is set at $48 and comes with a  money back
> gaurantee or free unit replacement whichever the buyer
> prefers if there is a problem.     I accept either  paypal
> deposits or a check in the mail or hand shake.
>    I have a list of eleven names so far.   They  are
> the people who were at last year's fest.    They are
> James Jones
> Allen Huffman
> William Astle
> John W Linville
> Keith Kounovsky
> David Poitras
> Carl Boll
> Brother Jeremy
> Richard E Crislip
> Ken Carlin
> Leonard
> These people are first then the people who
> email me here in the order they come in.
> While I have contact info on the above persons
> some of the hand writing the info is in is hard to read
> and I would like them to email me anyway to confirm
> the information I have.
>     All I need is a return email
> address from everyone where I can notify each person
> thier unit is ready to ship.
>    I have three complete right now and can assemble
> about three a week ( and still have a life).
> So that gives you some idea of how long it will be.
> I only need to get a supply of boxes and bubble
> wrap to ship them in and I will be ready.
> by the way, the display quality equals that of an
> emulator.   The microcontroller can be programmed
> with custom start up values and the coco3 can
> control and program the unit directly to suit any situation
> the user wishes.
>      The unit is preprogrammed on arrival and  needs
> nothing other than a flip of the power switch or push
> of the reset button.   No one need mess with the
> fancy stuff unless they like to make it hard on themselves :)
>     The microcontroller is robust and unlikely to  fail.  I
> once plugged it in backwards and it sank 800 ma of
> current for about 10 seconds with no ill effects and no
> loss of programming.   I did that on purpose of course :)
> So there it is,  I hope I don't get swamped,
> bonzai,
> Roy
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