[Coco] Tnady's Little Wonder book, 2nd edition!

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Sun Feb 5 21:55:24 EST 2006

I started getting the book I wrote 13 years ago this month ready to make into a PDF file, and realized that it's been so long, and so much info has been lost, and that it really just needed a bit of tweaking to be updated, that I started doing just that! So after most of a day sitting at a keyboard and wracking my memory, I've got 50% of the needed editing done! One way or another there will be a second edition released!! Actually, most of it all came flowing back. 

I do need one thing rather badly though -- good, clear scans of all the CoCo model shematics. Scanners just weren't up to snuf back in 93, so I got a better print by using the originals from service manuals. All I have in my electronic files are the blank pages! I need JPG or TIFF files that will print as readable 8x10 prints. I have the tools to resize if necessary. I don't care if a schematic goes over two pages either. The only way I have to make them is to break apart the ONE copy of TLW that I had hard bound for myself. I'll have to go dig it out of a storage box! I let all the other schematics and service manuals go to people who were still working with their CoCos -- besides, I have them in the book! I really don't want to break apart my personal (and only) copy though. I could print without the schematics, but having them makes a lot more sense! I got permission from Tandy, by the way, to print the schematics with the original book. The agreement didn't set any time limit, and this is an edited re-issue of the original, so the agreement should still be good (not that anyone at Tandy cares!). 

I could use scans of the disk drive controllers and multi-paks as well. I took out all the user group and BBS info, since none are active any more, and all the advertisements, so I have plenty pages to add anything that will help future CoCo users. 

If I get the book done in time AND don't get deployed to the desert in early April, I'm going to try to make the CoCoFest with a few copies. If I can't make the fest I'll make sure a few copies get there anyway. I'm going to keep the price as reasonable as I can, won't be any more than the original was 13 years ago, and I might be able to cut that a bit. I'm considering publishing as a PDF file on CD-ROM as well as a hard copy, but will give the hard copy a go first. Hard copy books just seem to sell better, though there's no more money in it for me and a good bit more work! 

If you can help e-mail me!! 

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