[Coco] Suggestions, recommendations, ideas....

Brian Blake random_rodder at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 5 12:09:59 EST 2006

I have not been around the Coco for years. I've ordered a few off of eBay and am wanting to dive in head first. What I'd really like to do is start off with a few projects for improving the capabilities. I have a few Coco 2's, a Coco 1 and a Coco 3. Many (if not all) of you guys are far more familiar with the Coco than I am at this point, and I am looking for a little advise on where to start.
  I've got a strong background in PC type computers and better than average soldering skills, and I can follow a schematic (the Navy did teach me a few things...). 
  So, what do you guys suggest as beginning projects to help me learn and boost Coco performance???

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