[Coco] Finally got broadband (ot)

Bruce W. Calkins brucecalkins at bellsouth.net
Mon Aug 28 06:53:13 EDT 2006

You do know how to hurt a guy, David.  I finely got a firewall / gateway for
dial-up, so at least I'm not waiting while my wife writes one more E-mail.
It will only take a couple minutes to reconfigure it for broadband, if-ever,
when-ever.  Enjoy, I off to check out my access ability at school as I face
"The First Day".

Bruce W.

> Yay for me!
> After 4 years of waiting, and having to move house so I can get it..
> I've finally got broadband!
> If I could tie this announcement into the Coco somehow, I would.. but
> *shrugs*
> Now, back to your regularly scheduled mailing list :)
> - David

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