[Coco] Re: What it is, and Hi-Res Interface Musings

L. Curtis Boyle curtisboyle at sasktel.net
Mon Aug 28 01:05:03 EDT 2006

     Steve Bjork did design it, and published a Coco 1/2 program to use it  
in Rainbow. Depending on your code, you can plug it into either the right  
or left joystick port) as well as cassette port); OS9 Level II defaults to  
the right, I believe. It eats a fair bit more CPU time than a standard  
joystick does to read coordinates, because of the ramping technique used.  
I much preferred using serial mice, after Bruce Isted released the  
Logitech (3 button) and Microsoft (2 button) serial mouse drivers for use  
with the RS-232 pak. Not as CPU intensive, and no jitter.

L. Curtis Boyle

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