[Color Computer] [coco] Learning MW C

Dave Kelly daveekelly at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 14 00:11:11 EDT 2006

George's Coco Address wrote:

>  Can a C routine be called upon from an interrupt? That would be great, as
> the optical position sensor could call on the routine. I can solder that one
> up too.

I too went through the same confusion. Then one day all fell into place.
Do you have the development manuals?  They answer a lot of the questions 
  I've  seen you ask.

Such as the one you ask above. You trap the interrupt in a C routine.

About peeks and pokes.  If you go to the bible, K&R, you find no mention 
of peek or poke.

A peek or poke is a read or write of a  memory address or a path to a 
device. So some psudocode might look like this:

int poke( address, value )
int address;
char value;   /* are you controlling 8 bits or 16 bits */
		write ( address, value, 1 );

You want to be sure and trap any/all errors that would cause the program 
to abort uncontrolled.  Shut down with sanity.
The trouble with trouble is it starts out as fun.

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