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Tandy yanked the pieces from the drive cable to make drive selection idiot proof. Sounds like that's a Tandy drive -- maybe they did the same on some of their AT compatibles? IBM set both drives to drive 0 then used a twist in the cable for the same reason. IBMs and clones were never intended to use more than two floppy drives. Other than the CoCo, I don't know of any computers that did. You could use more than two with a Commodore, but their serial drives were so slow I don't think it would have been worth the effort. 

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> Was playing with a TEAC FD-5gfr 1.2 MB today. This drive works well, as long as 
> I'm not trying to read disks from other drives or read it's disks in other 
> drives. No real surprise here...
>   I did notice that the original drive for my FD-501 has jumpers on the DS0 & 
> DS1 spots. They are soldered in place and drive 0 & 1 show the same directories, 
> etc...
>   I was able to use the TEAC as DS2 and even backed up Flightsim II (backup 0 to 
> 2).
>   My question is (and I thin kI know the answer..) do I have to desolder the 
> jumper from DS1 on the FD-501 drive to use it as 0 and the teac as 1?
>   Thanks,
>   Brian
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> Yes, either cut or desolder the extra jumper. Or take a trick from Tandy and 
> yank the DS1 pin from that drive's connector (I'm joking about this, but it 
> would actually work.)
> Bob

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