[Coco] CoCo 3 Emulator Wanted

Bruce W. Calkins brucecalkins at bellsouth.net
Sat Aug 12 22:22:23 EDT 2006

Well, between the heavy use of JAVA and the ACE format, this site is
unusable to my machine running Windows 98 too!

Put me on a list for a ZIP collection too.

Bruce W.

> All,
> Does anyone have (or could make and send me) a ZIP format copy of David
> M. Keil's Version 2.10 CoCo 3 emulator?:
>    http://www.discover-net.net/~dmkeil/coco/coco3.htm
> I don't run Windows, so this ACE format does me no good - I just ran
> across this new version while playing, and noticing my version is rather
> old...
> Thank you,
> -- Andrew L. Ayers
>     Glendale (Phoenix), Arizona

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