[Coco] SitePlayer Telnet

Ken Carlin carlin at nauticom.net
Fri Aug 11 20:57:11 EDT 2006

Sorry for the late reply to this, but I wanted to jump in.  We use this
very device where I work in order to allow any computer on our network to
be able to program a truly ancient piece of hardware through its serial
port.  The process goes something like this:

On the networked computer, we use the siteplayer software to map a serial
port (either real or virtual) to point to the IP address of the Siteplayer
box.  The mapped serial port uses the telnet protocal to talk over the
network to the box.  While I may have the specifics wrong, I think it just
bundles the serial data from the computer into packets that get sent via
telnet.  These packets go to the SP box and get translated back to serial
data, which in turn is sent back out on the SP's own serial port
(which gets sent to the ancient hardware).  I hope that made sense.

On Tue, 1 Aug 2006, Andrew wrote:

> All,
> Has anyone ever tried one of these (or anything similar) with the CoCo?:
> http://www.siteplayer.com/telnet/index.html
> It seems like it is a serial<->ethernet proxy server in a very small
> (and fairly inexpensive) package - the OEM version starts at $29.95, but
> the most likely version to use is the assembled "SitePlayer Telnet
> System", which is $79.95 and has all the parts (carrier board, etc) for
> actually hooking up to serial, ethernet, and power ports.
> I was just looking at this device as a possible way to get the CoCo "on
> the net", and was wondering what people thought. It certainly isn't a
> proper NIC and TCP/IP stack (which I am sure we all want), but it might
> be a nice stopgap system (maybe no worse than a serial cable to a PC
> running proxy software - although that solution might be cheaper).
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