[Coco] ToolShed and Windows

Phill Harvey-Smith afra at aurigae.demon.co.uk
Fri Aug 11 19:06:38 EDT 2006

Frank Pittel wrote:
> If I knew there was still a market for it I woulnd't have thrown
> out my old Borland compilers. If my memory is accurate (big if)
> Borland had made a number of their compilers available for free
> download.

Turbo C++ version 1.01 as detailed here :


They also offer various versions of Turbo Pascal up to version 5.5 from 
the same site. These are dos based programs, but I have used the 5.5 
Pascal version successfully under Windows XP, and I see no reason why 
the C++ compiler should not work. It is of course another matter 
entirely if it will compile toolshed :) Though I also seem to remember 
that they also offered the command line compiler that went with one of 
the versions of C++ builder as a freebee too, indeed as far as I can 
tell, still available here :


Note, free registration may be required to download the above tools.



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