[Coco] new high density controller

Phill Harvey-Smith afra at aurigae.demon.co.uk
Wed Aug 9 16:18:22 EDT 2006

Brian Blake wrote:
> I guess that's going to depend on what you mean by 'interested.' I
> don't have much in the way of input since most you guys outclass me
> on the hardwareguruometer by a large margin, but, I am certainly
> interested in a fdc that can do HD...

That would be cool.

Something I once investigated using the Dragon WD2797 controler was 
running that at 2MHz, giving a data rate of 1Mbits/sec, which it was 
capapble of as I believe 8" drives used them. There is also a WD2793, 
which is from a programming interface identical to the WD1793/WD1773, 
currently used by the CoCo, and can also do the same data rates...though 
it is prolly harder to get hold of than the Intel chip. Designing a 
controler around this would have the significant advantage of being able 
to use existing driver software...even RS-DOS should work un-modified.

just my 2p :)


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