[Coco] Re: Gates of Delirium Commemorative Archive!

Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Sat Aug 5 00:18:54 EDT 2006

Richard E. Crislip wrote:
>> I used DSKINI.EXE from the Vavasour emulator to write the disk image to
>> a floppy.  I know that the original README in the archive mentioned
>> that the game disk image would only work in MESS, and not Jeff V's
>> emulator. But the new archive includes the "fixed" version.
> If you're running XP, that won't work. If you are running win98 or DOS, it
> should.
> Regards
XP?  What's that?  Oh, that cartoon thing?  Not on any computer of
mine!  :) 
Seriously though, I do have W2K on one machine, but have so far been an
XP refusenik.  The machine I used to make the floppy was running Win98. 
The GATES.BIN file is there, but maybe the other stuff didn't get
written correctly...


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