[Coco] 1.2 MB Floppies (again)

Robert Emery theother_bob at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 3 11:34:05 EDT 2006

Actually, interchange between 35/40 track disk systems is not problematic at all. When the CoCo is patched to see 40 tracks, it will still read/write 35T disks. The only problem I was aware of would be if a file was written on tracks 35-39 and attempted to read on a 35 track system, obviously it ain't gonna happen. There was a tool included with the Track patching utility that would mark the top 5 tracks as used so you could safely use it between both systems.
72 or 80 Tracks could also be patched into RSDOS, but this is where you start getting into real compatibility concerns. I was happy enough with 360K per RSDOS floppy that I only formatted one 80T disk, full 720K under RSDOS, holds a boatload of Basic! Just not compatible with anything serious that tries to do it's own I/O, whereas a 40T disk generally will still work.

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>Yes you can use these on a CoCo.

Interchange with 35/40 track drives is an issue, they are not directly 
compatible without tricks. Using them in DECB is possible but again, 
interchange with others is an issue.

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