[Coco] 1.2 MB Floppies (again)

Brian Blake random_rodder at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 2 17:18:10 EDT 2006

I'm re-learning, so please be patient...

Okay, so the TEAC FD-55xxx series will work with a Coco, if the mods are made to one (or any other 1.2mb 5.25") to get the speed down to 300rpm, which makes it a 720k drive (using standard 1.2mb media?) and the RDY jumper. Now a few more dumb questions::

1. That 720k is only useful under NitrOS9 and not DECB, correct?

2. What media should be used (i'm assuming ds/dd 360k) and can the media then be used in a standard coco drive either FD-501 (I know is a ss drive so I'm guessing no) or 502 (should be fine)?

3. Or, would it be best to replace my Coco drives with these newer ones or the 1.44mb 3.5" (I know, used as a 720k) and use those as my drives?

I'm sorry to be asking questions I know have been asked in the past, but, looking over the discussions recently and my own Google research, I have confused myself. Maybe once I get a grasp on this, I'll create a tutorial for those like me who have spent entirely too much time in the World if Windows machines...


Mike Pepe <lamune at doki-doki.net> wrote: The notes there are pretty good. I can personally testify that the TEAC 
drives mentioned on that page can indeed be used on a CoCo as 720k 
disks. In fact I have two of them in a FD-500 case in storage somewhere.


Brian Blake wrote:
> Doing research looking for info on 1.2MB floppies has netted some results. Maybe you all have seen this website already, so if I am repeating, I'm sorry. This site:
>   http://www.oldskool.org/disk2fdi/525HDMOD.htm
>   Has info on 300/360rpm speed changes on the TEAC FD-55 series of drives and also discusses mods to others to make them run at the 300rpm speed.
>   Don't know if this is of any use to Coco users, but, I hope so...
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