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I'm glad you brought this up.  I was browsing through a Nuts & Volts  
magazine this weekend at Barnes & Noble and saw an ad for this same  
device.  It certainly warrants some investigating.
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On Aug 1, 2006, at 10:27 AM, Andrew wrote:

> All,
> Has anyone ever tried one of these (or anything similar) with the  
> CoCo?:
> http://www.siteplayer.com/telnet/index.html
> It seems like it is a serial<->ethernet proxy server in a very  
> small (and fairly inexpensive) package - the OEM version starts at  
> $29.95, but the most likely version to use is the assembled  
> "SitePlayer Telnet System", which is $79.95 and has all the parts  
> (carrier board, etc) for actually hooking up to serial, ethernet,  
> and power ports.
> I was just looking at this device as a possible way to get the CoCo  
> "on the net", and was wondering what people thought. It certainly  
> isn't a proper NIC and TCP/IP stack (which I am sure we all want),  
> but it might be a nice stopgap system (maybe no worse than a serial  
> cable to a PC running proxy software - although that solution might  
> be cheaper).
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