[Coco] CoCo TV - DVD

Roger Taylor webmaster at coco3.com
Sun Aug 27 23:21:18 EDT 2006

It's coming along guys,... the CoCo TV disc is fully compatible with 
all DVD players, home or computer, and you can "one-thumb-it" all the 
way through the jammed packed content.

Mary Kramer's growing newsletter is included in video form and they 
look GREAT even on an old TV set.  If you've got a good home 
entertainment center then you'll just enjoy all of this even more, 
but I'm testing on various target TVs and everybody's got it good 
with this thing!

For more information about some of the content on this DVD (other 
material might be a surprise or not advertised), see 
www.coco3.com.  I'm also open for ideas for any extra space that 
might be available while I am refitting material to optimize the space.

Tons of great CoCo Fest pictures in HQ format will be shown, thanks 
to Boisy Pitre.  Other CoCo Gallery pictures will be featured as 
well.  You'll get these and more great slideshows with music as well 
as videos/audio content.

And HOW IN THE HECK did 20th Century Fox come up with a CoCo version 
of their video fanfare sequence?!  Did they charge me an arm and a 
leg for this, or what?  You're going to scratch your head over this 
one for sure.  But like I say, always keep'em guessing.  :)

This might be the first 2+ hour CoCo presentation that you'll have to 
get the popcorn ready for.  If you get a few chills when the DVD is 
about 4 minutes into playing, well, that was the idea, so get 
ready.  I promise to raise some eyebrows and present CoCo information 
in a unique way that you're going to be quite happy with.


Roger Taylor

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