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Andrew keeper63 at cox.net
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> Hi Andrew,
> While I have yet to work with the SitePlayer from Netmedia, their Basic X 
> family of rapid development microcontrollers are great!
> I been working with BX-24P and other models and they are fast and 
> powerful.  You get real-time multi-tasking OS, 32 floating point math, 32k 
> of EEPROM (8000+ lines of code) and 400 bytes of ram.
> Find out more at http://www.basicx.com


I should have noted in my email where I first saw the device - I receive 
both Nuts and Volts and their spinoff, Servo Magazine. The company 
advertises in both. But it wasn't until recently that I thought about 
its uses for the CoCo.

I haven't yet looked deeply into their BasicX controllers, but from what 
I have read, they sound pretty cool. I have a robotics project (if I 
ever get back to it, that is) that could use a nice microcontroller for 
a few auxillary tasks (servo positioning, mainly), and one of these 
might be ideal.

Thanks for the further info on it!

-- Andrew L. Ayers
    Glendale (Phoenix), Arizona

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