[Coco] [Rainbow on Disc] Feedback on Quality Requested

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Thu Apr 27 12:31:38 EDT 2006

I much prefer the jpeg.  The text was much more readable.

The black and white photos on the djvu image look washed out, and there are
some fonts on the reader letter page which did not scan well (particularly
the letter y).

One question, though:  when I set the djvu file to show at 100% size, the
image I get is about twice as tall in inches as the Rainbow magazine.  Could
this be due to some video setting I have on my machine (WinXP SP2,
1152x864x32 bit color, 96 DPI)?


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I can see from my webserver's logs that many people have taken a look at the
"scanner.jpg" and "camera.jpg" examples, but I haven't heard any feedback.

It's hard for me to believe that no one has an opinion or preference.  My
intention in presenting these to the list is so that I can gauge how many
people would rather sacrifice quality so that they could receive something

One issue that needs to be considered is that if there were two versions of
the product (one quickly done with lesser quality and a final product with
higher quality) I would not be able to offer a free "upgrade". 
Lonnie has stated that the license fees would need to be paid a second time
if one were to desire the upgraded product.

I have compiled a 9 page .djvu example of how the end product will look as
far as image quality goes - it is located at
http://www.musicheadproductions.org/downloads/sample.djvu.  This example
does not include the "bookmark" style contents that will be included in the
final product.

Here is a link to the image that is of a lesser quality, but most of the
images are already taken and ready to be "re-published" -

So my question is this - would you rather have a product of the quality of
the "camera.jpg" or of the "sample.djvu"?

Michael Harwood

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