[Coco] Visual Studio .Net

Mark McDougall msmcdoug at iinet.net.au
Wed Apr 19 20:41:18 EDT 2006

Neil Morrison wrote:

>> Not true. We created applications with VC.NET to run on NT4 which 
>> certainly did not require .NET installed.
> With 2005? I though all the I/O was run through the framework.

We actually used 2003 at the time.

A search on the net this morning suggests concrete evidence is not easy 
to come by without actually owning and trying 2005 yourself, but I did 
come across claims that:

2005 allows C++ developers to develop non-.NET (unmanaged) applications
2003 allows VB developers to develop non-.NET, but 2005 DOES NOT!

As with any random info on the net, take these with a grain of salt...


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