[Coco] Preparing for a job which requires knowledge of C

Mark McDougall msmcdoug at iinet.net.au
Tue Apr 18 23:48:12 EDT 2006

KnudsenMJ at aol.com wrote:

> But I trust that VB programs will still run on any Windows PC.  Or  won't 
> they?

At least for VC++, you have the option of creating a project that 
requires or doesn't require .net to be installed on the target computer. 
So I'd imagine you have similar options for VB. That VB runtime DLL was 
always a pain in the butt tho'...

> And if I ever upgrade to Studio NET, will it import my old projects?

I do know that VC.NET would import VS6 projects, albeit not always with 
the correct options set if you had some unusual settings - like we had 
when we inherited a project from a customer... that was painful.

> Funny we should even have to ask these questions, but this is M$ we're  
> talking about ... 

Exactly why I always use gcc/minGW (no, wouldn't touch cygwin with a 
10-foot clown pole) whenever I have the choice! The installation is a 
*fraction* of the disk space, runs many, many times faster, is easier to 
port to/from (eg. you have the option of using the POSIX API), and 
produces executables that will run on any windows PC.

Having said that, I'm rarely if ever doing GUI stuff (bleh!) and 
acknowledge that this is VB's forte, and even VC++ is more suitable than 


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