[Coco] Tom Mix SR-71 going for over $100

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Fri Apr 14 23:57:41 EDT 2006

 This made me think about the Coco stuff and how it might be seen on the 
internet's eBay.
 I did a really quick research on this particular subject and found...

On Google...
 There are approximately 768,000 pages on "SR Blackbird".
"SR 71 Blackbird" nets about 604,000 pages.

Right now(as of this writing), eBay in "All Categories" has 86 entries found 
with the search term " SR 71 Blackbird" I found 92 with the search term " SR 
I sorted them by price and the results are interesting.

 I'm wondering how many of those folks that find this on eBay actually know 
what they are buying.

 Interesting, huh? I can visualize the seller replying to a buyer(after the 
fact) such as follows:

" I clearly stated what it was when you bid on it. If you didn't know what 
you were buying, then that's not my fault."

 Even eBay and PayPal will stand behind the seller on this(providing the ad 
was correct).

 Keep a bookmark on that page, come back to that page later and see what has 
transpired in the messages, reviews and correspondence on that seller.

 I will watch this one. After all, it is the ONLY ONE FOR SALE. It might be 

 I'm gunna wachit, by golly! << old Texan from an old Texan.


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> ..on eBay:
> http://offer.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBids&item=8793593653
> Disclaimer:  I bid on this to get the instructions.  Hopefully, whoever 
> wins will scan and distribute them.
> Still, this seems a bit on the high side.  Am I missing something about 
> this particular auction?
> John
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