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Wed Apr 12 00:54:22 EDT 2006

On Tuesday 11 April 2006 20:53, KnudsenMJ at aol.com wrote:
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>boisy at boisypitre.com writes:
>>Snobol!   I had to write an Algol 60 parser in Snobol 4  for my
>>Programming Languages class last semester.  Talk  about fun!
>SNOBOL4 was a terrific language to write parsers in.  I did my PhD 
> thesis on an interactive (text mode) language for describing computer
> systems to  a growing database.  I could be very free in the language
> design, since I  was parsing it in Snobol.
>It's a real shame this language was allowed to die out.  The modern
>replacements like Perl just aren't quite as good to use for parsing,
> though they  have other great features.
>>In  Compiler Construction this semester, the project is to write a
>>compiler that uses a subset of the ADA programming language and
>>generate intermediate code.  That part is mostly working, and I  am
>>looking forward to writing a back end which will take the  i-code and
>>turn it into good ole' 6809  assembler.
>Back in 1988 it would ahve been good to say "there's an ADA compiler
> for  the Coco."  Not that anyone would use it, but it would have made
> a nice  brag. At least Microware had C and Pascal, and ISTR hearing
> of a  Fortran.  Or maybe that was OSK.
>--Mike K.

We also had a forth Mike, but while I think I may have a disk around 
here someplace, I've NDI where it might be.  I recall playing with it 
not too long after I'd rigged up some floppies, say in 85 or so.

Cheers, Gene
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