[Coco] booted again!

Jim Cox jimcox at miba51.com
Fri Apr 7 21:05:47 EDT 2006

Silly question here, but I am about to fire up my CoCo 
again after it sat dormant for a year and I then moved it 
to a new location, but what things should I be cautious of 
to prevent problems, and what is the correct power up 
sequence for a CoCo with a CM8 Monitor, MPI and Disk 

I believe the power up sequence should be:


Power down should be in the reverse order.  Sorry I 
haven't had time to dig out the manuals.

I am at work as I type this, so I am going from memory, 
but I have a J&R(?) disk controller that I know goes into 
the fourth  slot on the MPI, but it's fit is a little 
snug.  Is this common for this controller?  I might have 
the name wrong but it does start with J.

I plan to clean the contacts on as much as possible with 
Isopropol too.

After I get this configuration up and running, I plan to 
plug in my adapter from Roy and see how it looks with a 
17" VGA.  In a few weeks I hope to have the Catweasel 
finally running.

One last thing, I have a AT keyboard adapter from Cloud-9 
that I know Mark had to replace the HC11 on (I think that 
was it) and while logic says yes, has anyone tried using a 
PS-2 keyboard with a PS-2/AT adapter with this?  It should 

I'm hoping I don't have any interruptions this weekend so 
I can get this done and actually up and running.

Oh, one last last thing, I am also planning to set up a 
Win 98 box in the same spot for development work.  I 
believe 98 is the best version from all the talk I've seen 
about DOS.



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