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Tue Apr 4 00:02:09 EDT 2006

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jdaggett at gate.net writes:

>Modern LCD monitors will not directly accept the COCO signal. Very  few 
>made today support 15.7KHz horizontal sync which is what  the Coco is.

If you're a decent hardware hacker, you could take an old  
transformer-operated color TV and probably get it to work as an RGB monitor for  the Coco.  Feed 
the RGB signals into the last transistors before the CRT  cathodes, and 
figure out how to get the syncs into the right places.  The  scan rates are right.
BTW, I agree, a good RGB monitor, like the old Magnavox 8CM family, is  great 
for playing back camcorder shots or videotapes when switched to Composite  
--Mike K.

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