[Coco] RE: [Color Computer] Opinion time

James Hrubik jimhrubik at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 3 13:58:44 EDT 2006

Yo, Gene, I've had it hooked to a 26" TV for games, and it DOES  
change your perspective a bit!

I just now hooked a 3 to my son's 60" RCA (first boot-up of the CoCo  
in about 3 years %^( ... I know, I'm supposed to be working... ) and  
it ggve a 36" x 32" display.  Talk about grainy!

It does seem a bit of a waste, IMO, to spend $400+ for a monitor to  
get RGB analog, when Roy's board is available for so much less, and  
VGA monitors arer readily available at throw-away prices.  To each  
his own.

On Apr 3, 2006, at 1:07 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:

> On Monday 03 April 2006 12:01, Stephen Blunt wrote:
>> My suggestion (which I hopefully be carrying out myself soon) is to
>> use a modern arcade monitor. There is a company that is now selling
>> directly to the public. They have a 27" unit that would need to be
>> put is some sort of housing and costs ~$400. It does CGA, EGA, VGA
>> and SVGA, frequencies of 15~47hz. I figure this the best way to have
>> it all (on a nice big screen).
> A coco, displaying on a 27" screen?  Two words come to mind, awesome,
> and overkill.  Emphasis on the awesome though. :)
> -- 
> Cheers, Gene

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